Legion - The Apex Legends Asset Extractor

Extracts various assets from the game “Apex Legends”. This software is developed by DTZxPorter & id-daemon.

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  • I take time out of my day to make this happen.
  • Show your support: HERE

💾 Download and version info:

IMPORTANT: By downloading this software you are agreeing to the EULA located inside of the archive (EULA.txt).

⚙️ Usage:

Using Legion is fairly simple as the tool only requires the files located within “Apex\paks\Win64” in order to function.

  • The tool features a user interface, just open up an MBnk or RPak to extract assets using Load File.

IMPORTANT: Both the tool and the game require the entirety of the Win64 folder to be intact and must not be modified in any way.


  • The .rpak files contain various encoded assets that Legion can export; and, as of now the currently supported assets are:
    • Textures as [Dds, Png, Tiff]
    • Models as [SEModel, OBJ, XNALara, SMD, CoD XModel, Maya (Legacy), FBX, Cast].
    • Animations as [SEAnim, Cast].
  • The .mbnk file contains all the audio for the game:
    • Sounds as [Wav].
  • The .bsp files (located inside *.vpk files) contain the map geometry:
    • See Maps below:


Map ripping is supported but not support will be provided, YMMV.

Command line:

  • Legion supports a single command line automation flag:
    • --export “file path” Loads and exports assets based on Legion settings.

⚠️ Notice:

  • SE* formats (SEModel, SEAnim are preferred over any other export format and have guaranteed compatibility).
  • Legion is considered feature complete, and will only receive updates that improve compatibility with new seasons.

🖥️ Desktop Wallpaper:

  • A slick wallpaper for Legion (By @Spooky_Sal): Download
  • An electrifying poster for Legion S2 (By @Spooky_Sal): Download
  • An eerie for Legion S4 (By @Spooky_Sal): Download

📌 Versioning:

  • 0.18 - Initial Release.
  • 0.54 - Model export support, fixed patch_master crash, skip existing images.
  • 0.60 - Patch rpak support, xmodel_export model format.
  • 0.61 - Shadow fix for mp_rr* crash…
  • 0.62 - Fixed SMD export when invalid normals exist, fixed materials in xmodel_export.
  • 0.68 - Fixed season 1 rpak patches causing crashes.
  • 0.84 - Initial support for animations, performance tweaks, maya (legacy) exporter.
  • 0.95 - Image format toggle (Dds, Png, Tiff), fixed rare image bug having wrong size.
  • 0.98 - Added support for my new FBX exporter.
  • 1.00 - Support for Apex S2, support for new multi-UVs, support for last few missing image formats (Requires S2 files).
  • 1.01 - Fix for large scale map models which were broken on export.
  • 1.02 - Fix for crash on some smaller paks.
  • 2.00 - Support for most patched assets, new user interface with built-in model previewer. Material/Skin export ability and new Image format, compatible with S4.
  • 2.10 - Support for Titanfall 2 (Models, Animations, RPaks, Sounds). Preliminary support for the new Cast format. Image preview (press p). Apex animation fixes. FBX export tweaks for UV Layers.
  • 2.11 - Fixed crash in some TF2 Rpaks, fixed bug with some TF2 models missing animations.
  • 2.12 - Export all material slots, fixed FBX and XNALara exports with skeletons.
  • 2.13 - Fixed crash introduced in v2.12 when additional material slots were added.
  • 2.20 - Support for Apex S7 (Not backwards compatible)
  • 2.21 - Fixed crash during model exports, fixed animations missing parts. Added support for previewing w/ materials. Fixed bug with some image formats.
  • 2.22 - Support for Apex S8 (Audio is no longer backwards compatible), Fix for crash involving an unsupported model format in other paks.
  • 2.23 - Add support for missing scales in animations. (Only tested in Maya, may not function properly in Blender)
  • 2.24 - Fixed crash on some models after the chaos update, PNGs have improved compatibility with legacy style importers.
  • 2.3 - Support for S11’s UI Image asset, Textures in BC6 format, custom export directory paths.
  • 2.31 - Fixed a rare crash that would happen when previewing certain models. Added S11 splash screen.
  • 2.32 - Fixed certain resolution UI Image’s from exporting incorrectly. Fix crash with custom export folders. Add support for embedded ‘starpak’ data (store rpak files).
  • 2.33 - Fixed crash on models that have blank or empty submeshes. Update to Visual Studio 2022 (Requires new runtime).
  • 2.34 - Fixed vertex weights on some models that had invalid data.
  • 2.35 - Fixed issue with vertex weights on some models after (2.34). Generate database linking animations with no animrig to their original models (bird, etc). These export with the model now. Materials can be previewed by viewing the albedo map.
  • 2.36 - Fixed weighting issues (again). Should now export all models weighted properly.
  • 2.37 - Bug fix for crashing during some export all operations.
  • 2.38 - Fixed issue with mprt’s rotations, added scales to mprt (v2).
  • 2.39 - Changed mprt rotation layout to match any sane person’s layout (v3).
  • 2.40 - Whitelist old bsp format (some arena maps).
  • 2.41 - Added ability to load multiple (up to 4) Rpaks at once to support cross Rpak assets (New to the newer apex seasons). Will use much more memory in general.
  • 2.42 - Fixed crash with ‘4’ Rpaks.
  • 2.43 - Fix crash on mid season update Rpaks.