Iā€™m DTZxPorter, but feel free to call me Nick

I am a highly skilled software engineer with expertise in both full-stack development and reverse engineering, based in the USA. My professional background includes designing complex microservices and mesh systems at a large scale, with additional experience in the cable modem and router industry. I possess extensive expertise in deploying and managing infrastructure on AWS and DigitalOcean. Furthermore, I am well-versed in Rust and have utilized it extensively. I have a unique hobby of creating tools for extracting assets from popular video games.

šŸ’¼ Where I am currently working at/as

šŸ’» What I am currently/done working on

  • Rust implementation of the WebRTC stack.
  • Large scale microservices powered by a bleeding edge actor mesh system. šŸŒ
  • Motorola Licensee (Full time): For networking products and IoT šŸŒ
  • Modme/Avia Creations (Founder): Open-source software and reverse engineering projects. āš™ļø
  • Motorola remote management application šŸš€
  • Motorola IoT infrastructure šŸš€
  • Several projects including OSS ones on my github (Wraith, Legion, Vega, 3D software plugins, etc) šŸš€