ExportX (Export2Bin Replacement)

Converts _export files to _bin files and vise-versa

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Either Drag and Drop file(s) onto the program, or use the command line -f to specify a file or folder of files to convert.


Below are the currently available commands:

Name Usage Example
(f) file Specify input the file, or directory -f “C:\Wraith\exported_files”
(o) out Specify output file, or directory -o “C:\ConvertedFiles”
(m) mode Specify input mode (export, bin) -m export
(w) watcher Startup a file watcher for new bin/export files -f “C:\Wraith\exported_files” -w

Watcher Mode (ExportX v2.0)

Watcher mode is very useful when combined with Wraith’s XMODEL exporter, you can create a shortcut for ExportX that monitors the Wraith export directory and automatically creates a _bin file for you.

  • To create a shortcut, right click on ExportX and go to Send To->Desktop
  • Next, find the shortcut and go to properties
  • In the target field, AFTER the last quote (“) put the following:
    -f "<Full Wraith Exported Files Path>" -w
  • Example entry:
    -f "C:\Wraith\exported_files" -w
  • Click apply, then close. Launching this shortcut will create a watcher that will convert xmodel_export files automatically!
  • You can close the dialog when you are finished.