Hunter - The TD2, AFOP, XDefiant Asset Extractor

Extracts all assets from the games “The Division 2”, “Avatar Frontiers of Pandora” and “XDefiant”. This software was developed by DTZxPorter.

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  • I take time out of my day to make this happen.
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💾 Download and version info:

IMPORTANT: This software comes with no warranty what so ever.

  • Download (Windows x64): Hunter (v1.89).
    • Windows 10+ officially supported.

⚙️ Usage:

Read the new game tools tutorial: Game Tool Tutorial.

IMPORTANT: Both the tool and the game require the entirety of the rogue/hunter folder to be intact and must not be modified in any way.


  • The .sdftoc files contain various encoded assets that Hunter can export; and, as of now the currently supported assets are:
    • Textures as [Dds, Png, Tiff]
    • Models as [Cast, OBJ, XNALara, SMD, CoD XModel, Maya, FBX].
    • Animations as [Cast].
    • Raw Files as-is.
      • Hunter will decompile binary graph objects to their ‘light’ text format on export.

NOTE: This tool only exports assets as-is, without attempting to link models to their materials, and materials to their images. The game uses complex scene graphs which would require too much effort to automate, however, most of a model’s textures have similar names to each other. It’s very easy to locate the textures for a model yourself.

NOTE: There is no need to open the sdf_streaming toc file, as it only references assets in the main toc file.

📌 Versioning:

  • 1.00 - Initial Release.
  • 1.50 - New GUI. More model format support v9-17 and uv fixes. New image format support. Avatar Frontiers of Pandora game support.
  • 1.51 - Fixed sRGB detection for some image formats. Support R8G8B8.
  • 1.52 - Fix weights for some models with a lot of bones.
  • 1.53 - Loading and export performance improvements. Placeholder detection for locales.
  • 1.54 - Even faster loading performance. Fix crash on sdf_streaming toc files from TD2. Specify avatar in load dialog.
  • 1.55 - Fix issue with some rawfiles not exporting in TD2/Avatar (they were encrypted). Label reference models as placeholder.
  • 1.56 - Support BC5 and more sRGB/SNORM formats for images.
  • 1.57 - Fixed weights for some complex models.
  • 1.58 - Fixed crash exporting some textures due to non block size and gpu issues.
  • 1.59 - Fixed another crash around gpu buffers.
  • 1.60 - Fixed valve smd exporter.
  • 1.61 - Initial support for exporting animations. 70% of all animations are supported at this time.
  • 1.62 - Support for more animation formats. 99% of all animations are now supported.
  • 1.63 - Update program library for new settings.
  • 1.64 - Update program library to fix weights in some export formats in some cases (Maya, SMD).
  • 1.65 - Update program library again.
  • 1.66 - Support auto constraints for some avatar models (Requires latest cast plugins).
  • 1.67 - Update program library for crash fixes, texture export performance.
  • 1.68 - Update program library to fix ui bugs.
  • 1.70 - Support for more animation formats, an uncommon model format, and more.
  • 1.71 - Fixed crash with previous model format update. Fixed bug exporting some images. Support more image formats. Support some models with mutliple uv layers.
  • 1.72 - Fixed more image issues. Fixed ui resize bug introduced in last update.
  • 1.73 - Update program library for performance improvements.
  • 1.74 - Update program library for ui tweaks, fixes, and performance.
  • 1.75 - Add support for the latest avatar update.
  • 1.76 - Update program library for ui tweaks and improvements.
  • 1.80 - Initial support for XDefiant, most models, and animations are working.
  • 1.81 - Update program library for ui fixes, fixed FBX export compatibility.
  • 1.82 - For real this time, 99% of all animations are supported.
  • 1.83 - Update program library for ui improvements.
  • 1.84 - Update program library for ui improvements.
  • 1.85 - Update program library for bug fixes, code cleanup.
  • 1.86 - Support for animations that animate multiple models at once, like weapon animations, etc.
  • 1.87 - Support for decompiling binary graphs used in several game files to their ‘light’ text format.
  • 1.88 - Update program library for ui fixes and improvements.
  • 1.89 - Update program library for enhanced search capabilities.