Vega - The Doom Eternal Asset Extractor

Extracts all assets from the game “Doom Eternal”. This software was developed by DTZxPorter & id-daemon.

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  • I take time out of my day to make this happen.
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💾 Download and version info:

IMPORTANT: By downloading this software you are agreeing to the EULA located in the About tab of the program.

  • Download (Windows x64): Vega (v2.27).
    • Windows 10+ officially supported.
    • Requires a CPU with SSE4.2 support.
  • Download (Linux x64): Vega (v2.27).
    • Requires a CPU with SSE4.2 support.
  • Download (macOS ARM): Vega (v2.27).

⚙️ Usage:

Read the new game tools tutorial: Game Tool Tutorial.

IMPORTANT: Both the tool and the game require the entirety of the base folder to be intact and must not be modified in any way.


  • The .resource files contain various encoded assets that Vega can export; and, as of now the currently supported assets are:
    • Textures as [Dds, Png, Tiff]
    • Models as [Cast, SEModel, OBJ, XNALara, SMD, CoD XModel, Maya, Kaydara FBX].
    • Animations as [Cast, SEAnim].
    • Worlds as [Cast].
    • Raw Files as-is.

NOTICE: You should select all _patchX .resource files in order to export assets properly. Order doesn’t matter.

📌 Versioning:

  • 1.00 - Initial Release (BETA).
  • 1.01 - Fixed FBX/XNALara files. Fix for some skinned models not exporting. gameresources.resources is now loaded REGARDLESS of the package you select.
  • 1.10 - Animation export support.
  • 1.11 - Fixed crash on export of some assets.
  • 1.20 - Better support for static models. Added support for UV Layer 2 (Only supported in SEModel/Cast Models) for static models.
  • 1.30 - Fixed various export crashes with DLC aassets, Add support for previewing textured mode (ColorMap only).
  • 2.00 - Completely rewritten, cross platform. Fixes for various models, animations, textures failing to export, better FBX support, and more.
  • 2.01 - Animations are properly marked as looping/additive. Fix for single channel images writing as full RGBA. Fix text overflow. Add progress text over progress bar. Add “Exporting…” status for assets.
  • 2.10 - Fixed issue exporting some textures that would cause an ‘Error’. Fixed issue with some UVs on some static models. Added ability to preview models, materials, and images using ‘P’.
  • 2.11 - (Windows only): Fixed a crash that would happen when performing certain actions on the UI on windows.
  • 2.12 - Performance improvements, automatically reload when changing the ‘Load’ settings. New loading indicator.
  • 2.13 - Fixed issue with some materials ‘Error’ing when exporting, missing their textures; also with models. Added option to hide the preview controls overlay. Added option to switch between Maya / Blender controls for the previewer. Drag & drop file load support.
  • 2.14 - FBX files now include scales, bringing their rigs and weights 1:1 with other formats. Material assignment overhaul with better detection for which maps are which.
  • 2.15 - Fixed an issue with certain DDS files failing to load.
  • 2.16 - Added ability to toggle automatic asset scaling. Added support for sRGB tiff files.
  • 2.17 - Update project library dependencies.
  • 2.18 - Update program library for maya/smd weight fixes.
  • 2.19 - Fixed texture linking issue due to last update.
  • 2.20 - Support for exporting maps (worlds) with the new cast world specification.
  • 2.21 - Support for exporting blend material textures, update program library to fix crashes, texture export performance.
  • 2.22 - Update program library to fix ui bugs.
  • 2.23 - Update program library for performance improvements.
  • 2.24 - Add support for initial instanced world entities. Export inherited material textures.
  • 2.25 - Update program library for ui tweaks, fixes, and performance. Fix some assets stuck exporting.
  • 2.26 - Update program library for ui tweaks and improvements.
  • 2.27 - Update program library for ui fixes, fixed FBX export compatibility.