CODTools (Autodesk Maya Exporter)

Exports xmodel, xanim export and bin files directly from Maya (2013+).


Download the latest CODTools for your Maya version and arch, and save it in the following directory depending on your OS and Maya version:

  • 32bit Windows: C:\Program Files(x86)\AutoDesk\Maya-ver\bin\plug-ins\
  • 64bit Windows: C:\Program Files\AutoDesk\Maya-ver\bin\plug-ins\

Next, you must open the plugin manager using Window->Settings/Preferences->Plugin Manager once there find CODTools.nll.dll and check off the following:

  • Loaded (Loads the plugin)
  • Auto load (Loads the plugin every launch)


Replace the files in the correct directory from the installation section with the new ones (While Maya is closed). Then simply relaunch Maya.



  • To export a model quickly, either select what you would like to export, or, select nothing and it will export everything. Use the CODTools->Export XModel command to save the file.
  • To export a !!Siege Model!! use File->Export All then check off the siege model export setting before saving.
  • To export a model with !!Cosmetic Bones!!, use File->Export All then enter in the tag name of the cosmetic root bone.


  • To export an animation quickly, set the scene time, then select the bones to export, or select nothing to export all. Use the CODTools->Export XAnim command to save the file.
  • To export a !!Siege Anim!! use File->Export All then select the CoD SIEGE_ANIM_SOURCE type before saving.
  • By default, SEAnim notetracks will be added to the anim, you can turn this off via File->Export All configuration.



  • Fixed XAnim notetracks with weird strings

Previous Versions:

  • Default XAnim version lower for backwards compatibility‚Ķ
  • Fixed issue with skin binds in other Maya versions.
  • Automatic quad to tris conversion
  • Fixed duplicate mesh writing
  • Fixed XAnim last frame
  • Fixed material mapping on some models