DayZATool - DayZ animation / skeleton tool

Extracts animations/models and generates animations for DayZ Tools. Developed by DTZxPorter.

Download and version info:

IMPORTANT: By downloading this software you are agreeing to the EULA located inside of the archive (EULA.txt).

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Using DayZATool just requires one of the following formats:

  • anm (For extraction)
  • xob (For extraction)
  • seanim (For generate)

Command Line:

  • By default, It will show the usage.
    • --command input scale.
  • To extract anm files to seanim files:
    • --extract-anim file.anm
  • To extract xob files to semodel files:
    • --extract-mdl file.xob
  • To create a new anm file from a seanim:
    • --generate-anim file.seanim

NOTE: You may have to play with the scale of the animation

SCALE: Default scale is 100. That means that extraction does *= 100 on translations and generate does /= 100. To change the scale, the third parameter accepts a float value. 1 meaning no scale change.



  • 1.00 - Initial release.
  • 1.20 - Support for complete models instead of skeletons.
  • 1.30 - Support for XOB8HEAD models.